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The alarm clock for friends

  1. What is Wakelicious?

  2. Getting started

  3. About

The alarm clock redesigned

Where other alarm clocks become boring, Wakelicious is designed to give you a surprising start of your day, every day.

You set the alarm, your friends share Youtube video's and Wakelicious does the rest.

Start using Wakelicious and wake up to a video surprise each day!


  • set your own alarm time
  • wake up to YouTube videos sent by your friends
  • send videos for your friends' alarms
  • see the number of videos awaiting for you in your WakeList
  • view your history of sent and received videos
  • easily invite your Facebook friends to Wakelicious
  • choose from 6 backup alarm sounds for when there is no internet connection
  • preview YouTube videos before sending them
  • choose between an analog or digital clock face


To use Wakelicious you will need:

  • a Facebook account
  • an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S; iPod Touch or iPad (other platforms following)
  • internet connection
  • to get your friends using Wakelicious!